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The D Word: Please Your Man Like a Pro

The D Word: Please Your Man Like a Pro




As Joanna’s husband was about to celebrate his birthday, she decided to do something extra special for him. She sent an elaborately wrapped package to his office, the kind that begged to be opened at the first sight.

Inside was a treasure trove of goodies and mementos: lyric sheets, pictures from their vacations and other milestones in their life—and a skimpy lace thong that left everything to the imagination.

To make her expectations very clear, Joanna showed up at his office to pick him up at the end of the day. She boldly met all the knowing looks she got from his co-workers with one of her own: “Uh huh, I’m the wife who sent her panties to her husband this morning.”

“I was the Best Wife Ever that day,” Joanna says, giggling at the memory. “We were high school sweethearts and each other’s first. We had been together close to 20 years; it was time to spice things up.”

Joanna is like a lot of wives and significant others who have been with the one they love for many years. The excitement of a new relationship is replaced by the routine drudgery of life. Sex is something you can always have, so you put it off, thinking of it more as a chore than an adventure. It’s time to put some “oomph” and “ooohhh!” back into your love and sex life, outside the bedroom.


Get the adrenaline rush. I once heard from one of the guys that one sure way to get a girl to say “yes” is to take her on a literal roller coaster ride. The edge-of-your-seat thrill goes from anticipation to all-out screaming and you come out flushed and spent. You get the picture. Do something with him that will get his heart rate up: work out together, run together, or yeah, go for the loop and find ways to extend the afterglow.


Dress up in front of him. Put on your best, most provocative bra and panty set (admit it, you may have reached the point where he’s seen you in your ratty underwear) and dress up in front of him—slowly, sensuously. Pretend as if it’s the most natural thing in the world for you to do.


Send him text messages. Send him cryptic text messages that are loaded with sexual innuendo. This can be a little tricky for those who aren’t used to flirting through text or have gotten rusty at it. Like any kind of word exchange, less is more. Send him a message that just says, “W-E-T” or an MMS of you in just your panties. To be on the safe side, make sure you don’t include your face in the selfie. Don’t worry, he’ll know it’s still you.


Scurry him off to a surprise weekend. Vacation sex is high up there in our list of best sex ever. The excitement of a new place, the thrill of an escape and being away from the kids for a while are great aphrodisiacs. Surprise him with a quick weekend getaway staycation or go to a motel and book a suite. Enjoy remembering why quickie is also synonymous to “urgent.”


Wear something prim and proper but go commando. Ina wore her most proper afternoon suit when she and her husband of five years attended a formal baptism and stood as godparents. In the middle of the ceremony, she leaned over and whispered, “I forgot to wear underwear.” During the reception, his hand wandered under the table to see if she was telling the truth. “We had this delicious secret and couldn’t wait to get home.”


Ina was so pleased with how the episode unfolded that she has tried it other times, when her hubby would least expect it, like weekend lunch with their in-laws and once, during a parent-teacher conference.


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