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Cheat Sheet: Achieve Greater Confidence With These Four Distinguished Deo Sprays For Men

Cheat Sheet: Achieve Greater Confidence With These Four Distinguished Deo Sprays For Men


By Kristel Dacumos-Lagorza


More than a lean physique and sleek, city style, a clean, masculine scent has been rated as the sexiest quality of a man. Fresh, musky scents drive women wild.

You too can enter any room with confidence with Blackwater’s Deo Sprays for men. Formulated to protect you from odor-causing germs, the deo sprays make sure that you smell good all day, every day! And with four long-lasting scents to choose from—from citrus to woody—you’re sure to find your perfect match!


Dark Rebel

For the man who loves going off the beaten track, Dark Rebel delivers a deep and intense, earthy smell that’s distinctively masculine. Made with subtle hints of citrus and light florals, unified by a mossy woods base, Dark Rebel unearths that allure that never fails to spice things up.

 Dark Pleasure

Men won’t feel any guilt giving in to this particular temptation. Blending together sweet and juicy grapefruit, marine accord and woody-herbal scents, Dark Pleasure blooms into a refreshing fragrance that’s difficult not to notice.

Smooth Chaos

Playfully showing off  the naughty side of men, Smooth Chaos stirs up an exciting blend of citrus notes, aromatic herbs and greens with a light, woody aroma. Perfect for all occasions, this fresh scent is a must-have for every young, stylish savant.


High Spirits

Instantly brighten your mood and boost your confidence with High Spirits. Layering together citrus notes, unique night-blooming flowers, leather and cedar wood, High Spirits brings out an interesting fragrance combination that captures the heart of men. Light yet masculine, this fragrance is versatile for everyday casual use.


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