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Life Peg: Rosenthal Tee, When Ferocious Talent Makes It to New York Fashion Week

Life Peg: Rosenthal Tee, When Ferocious Talent Makes It to New York Fashion Week

Rosenthal Tee is simply a great and valued addition to the fashion industry—her work speaks no less of that. Through her pieces, she bares her soul and sense of adventure, taking one runway after the other. From the get-go, Rosenthal works hard whereas her work always come out looking flawless and effortless. But up close, Rosenthal's ferocious talent amped with her gusto and generosity, is plain undeniable, so much so that New York Fashion Week couldn't deny her either.


Of handmade dreams and reality 

“I feel most fulfilled after every show—so far this would mean my debut at New York Fashion Week for Fall Winter 2016, and/or a major bridal piece is completed in my studio,” she says.

And while it’s not always an easy road to pursuing your dreams, Rosenthal believes in simply finding the perfect solutions to everyday difficulties. She admits, “Over the past few years, the challenges that I’ve been faced with have all been thankfully answered through prayer and meditation towards solving it in the most peaceful manner possible.”

In addition, she has since learned to value her family even more now, saying “Everyone including my younger siblings are constantly guiding me to be the best I can be.”

 Behind the scene, behind the seams. Rosenthal double-checking her pieces for NYFW.


The daily grind

Rosenthal usually begins her day doing usual stuff: checking of emails and mobile messages to answer inquiries and other things. She then heads to her studio to oversee fittings and get updates on the production floor. She adds, “Most of my pieces entail a lot of hand-work so I always check if my girls are keeping the quality of the pieces to the standard I would like it to be. I try to make my work as efficient as possible and that means taking into consideration proper time-management of both work appointments, fittings, and obligations, and play.”

As a creative though, she admits thriving on “being able to take a step back from the seriousness that our work entails and enjoy other leisurely pursuits such as a proper night cap.” For her free time, she shares, “I’m generally an audiophile so I use my free time to be around friends over drinks and good music to keep my creativity and mind alert to what’s going on currently."

 Rosenthal, all smiles and pretty during NYFW Fall/Winter 2016 where she had her own show.


Be fashionable for life

Rosenthal shares five tips on how one can become life-smart and overcome their personal mountains fashion-wise or otherwise.

Don’t let your failures stop you from pursuing your dream.

Always be an achiever, and that means being a doer rather than just be all talk.”

“If you have mentors and trust-worthy members that you can confide in, always do ask for their advice and opinion.”

Even with success, always make sure you stay grounded. You shouldn’t take it as only a personal milestone, but also, a success that can impact and help out others as well. Don’t be greedy.”



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Photographs from, banner photo by Rxandy Capinpin for Star Studio magazine




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