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The Six Fix: Splash Away for Songkran Festival

The Six Fix: Splash Away for Songkran Festival

To celebrate Thailand’s traditional New Year, they hold an annual Water Fight Festival otherwise known as the Songkran Festival. Falling on April 13 to 15 this year, thousands of locals and foreigners alike are expected to join in and why not—it’s simply a fun way to cool off this summer. So whether you’re a first timer heading there or you’re a Songkran water pro, here are ways to get your double dose of fun while you soak up the sun sans the little inconveniences.


1. Dress down. If you want to wear less pieces of clothing for convenience, that’s perfectly fine. We understand you don’t want to go on a water fight wearing a maxi dress that will just be left drenched in water after. But for the record, we did say dress down, not strip down. So keep it decent, people. It is still, after all, a religious affair.


2. Bring your own water guns. The bigger, the better. Nobody goes to war unprepared.


3. Don’t be a snob. As much as you want to hang around your clique, joining festivals like this inevitably brings people together. So take it well when a stranger just aims a water gun at you and be cool about it—pun certainly intended.


4. Safety first. We will never understand why someone would wear heels to events like this. But just in case someone would think they’re cute, remind yourself that floors get slippery when wet. So, just don’t. That, and make sure to check your things for other safety hazard concerns.


5. Read up. Sure you’ve looked up this water fight festival on the internet and thought it’s cool so you decided to come and join the fun. But a more thorough reading on its significance can also be a nice way to honor the celebration that you decided to attend in the first place.


6. Have responsible fun. Not only applicable to this festival, but there are plenty of ways to have fun that still include being mindful of your surroundings such as that you keep your garbage with you, you don’t get too intoxicated to the point of being violent, and so on. So yes, have fun responsibly.


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