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Monday Musings: I Don't Even Remember Your Name But I Can't Thank You Enough

Monday Musings: I Don't Even Remember Your Name But I Can't Thank You Enough

But let me just say that I've been dealing heavily with depression for months now. Sadness is consuming me, and I cry every single time for no apparent reason. Pills, chocolates, and cute dogs can't fix me, and it feels like I am losing my edge. Then earlier today I went to a café, my usual course is to get coffee and read on some work papers. Surprisingly, one of the baristas noticed that I was gone long and that I don't frequent their store anymore. So I told her that I was caught up with my work and that I liked staying in at home. Orders have lined up before our transaction and she told me that my drink could take a while, so I sat outside waiting for my drink and continued working on my papers. When my drink was served, it has this note that says: "Nice to see you again" followed by my name.

It's probably nothing to her, probably her usual way of making customers happy, or probably her way of compensating for an overpriced coffee. But it moved me. Those were the words that I needed when I'm in the brink of just surrendering.

In this age of technology, it's easy to talk to other people but what's often compromised is that genuine connection. We keep in touch the way that we're losing more. So to that barista in District Imus, it's a shame that I don't even remember your name but I can't thank you enough.


By Aldrich Agdon, 23, who constantly battles his way in life and depression.


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