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The D Word: 5 Surefire Ways You Can Snag for Yourself A Hot Romance This Summer

The D Word: 5 Surefire Ways You Can Snag for Yourself A Hot Romance This Summer

James Reid once said it, “If you wanna find love, be someone worth loving.” Now what does it really take to be someone worth loving? While we think there are a million ways to be someone worthy of somebody else’s love, these should be good for starters:


Never stop learning. Pick up a good book or two. Hoard if you must. Stock up on knowledge and feed on readings and new learnings that will help you grow as a person. And also, by now we’re certain you’ve heard, smart is the new sexy.


Maintain good health. And the rest follows. When you take care of your body, then the more you are able to take care of your mind and spirit for your personal holistic wellness. 


Keep your childlike heart. An ounce of innocence and purity combined reminiscent that of a child’s is just like a breath of fresh air nobody won’t be able to resist.


Be patient. You can wish for love all you want but while it hasn’t found its way to you just yet, have patience. Make a better version of yourself and keep at it every day so you’re armed and ready when love finds you.


Believe you are worth loving. Love yourself. And if you can, love the people around you, too. That can’t be stressed enough. While these things bring you closer to being someone worth loving, you can’t fully realize that unless you start to believe in it yourself. Do it for yourself first then for the people around you. After all, you attract what you give.



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