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Daily Diaries: 7 Times KC Concepcion Gave Us the Summer Feels

Daily Diaries: 7 Times KC Concepcion Gave Us the Summer Feels

With a good head on her shoulders, KC Concepcion is truly a woman who brings her own sunshine figuratively and quite literally. We scrolled through her Instagram feed and bam!—summer feels, just summer feels everywhere. 


1. That time when you appreciate the sunrise more. She wrote, "The universe gives all the signs we need to know it is time to start a new day." 


2. That time when you can enjoy both the summer breeze and heat on broad daylight. We know it can get humid and hot but KC shows there's a way to still enjoy it.


3. That time when you just want to be on the beach and not care much for sunburns. Here she comes, coming out of the water. You know, like that Sandwich song. 


4. That time when you feel a bit more introspective about your year's first quarter. Being one with nature or at least being surrounded by it just makes you more reflective so to speak. 


5. That time when you just want to ride a horse off to the sunset. You may not know how to ride a horse, but admit it—the thought is exciting enough to make you want to learn. 


6. That time when you wish you're out in the middle of the sea getting a nice tan. Or listening to your favorite jam or maybe like KC, all of the above. 


7. That time when you want to hit the open road with a warm cup of coffee in hand. Did anybody say roadtrips?! 


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