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The Six Fix: Conquer and Glow Everyday, the Kim Chiu Way

The Six Fix: Conquer and Glow Everyday, the Kim Chiu Way

Want to achieve glowing skin every single day? We envy a lot of celebrities who shine their brightest in their own skin, and one of them is Kim Chiu. As one of the most looked-up-to actresses of her generation, Kim understands the need to be a role model to her fellow women. She admits that she's actually been conscious of her appearance since she was a kid! We caught up with her at the Watsons Glow with Wellness event, and she gave us some pointers in maintaining that glowbetter take notes, ladies:


1. Start with the mind. “When you look good kasi, you also feel good,” Kim says. Always have a positive outlook in life because your level of happiness reflects your beauty. Shove the bad vibes away and begin each day with a smile and some optimism!


2. Allot time for exercise. Burning off calories can cause more than just weight loss. It gives you more energy in the long runanother reason to not skip the gym! Kim works out regularly to keep her vigorendorphins for an all-day high! No time? No problem. This lady squeezes in at least a good 30 minutes to work out despite her busy sched, so there’s certainly no reason for you not to do it.


3. Drink lots of water. She believes in the power of hydration. Kim swears by the 8 glasses rule to combat skin dryness.


4. Have adequate sleep. Your number of Zzzs counts. Sleep deprivation, first of all, causes sluggishness, and sluggish is never next to fab. Secondly, two wordseye bags. And if that doesn’t convince you well enough, it causes skin to dry. So hit the sack early tonight!


5. Exfoliate. Kim is very particular when it comes to her skincare routine, maintaining clear skin by getting rid of the makeup and accumulated grime on her face with a good scrub twice or thrice a week. It will reveal softer, more radiant skin. Make it a habit and choose a good product that matches your skin type.


6. Be confident. Embracing yourselfflaws and allcan truly bring out the best in you. As the Chinita Princess says, it’s very empowering. Believing in your beauty inside and out is the ultimate secret, nothing more, nothing less.


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