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Daily Diaries: Lies You Should Stop Using Already

Daily Diaries: Lies You Should Stop Using Already

Every now and then, saying a white lie is the best thing you can do. With all the lying you have done over the years, this has become an habitand a bad habit at that. Ask yourself if a certain situation calls for not saying the truth (but really, honesty is still the best policy). During the following instances, though, it's probably BEST if you tell it true instead:


1. The Great Pretend. For example, if you're not familiar with a certain band (Let's say.. Coldplaybut oh, how dare you not, JK), don't pretend. Just because everyone talks about them doesn't mean every single human being to be into them. Don't let FOMO take over your life, magpakatotoo ka, sister.


2. The "I've got other plans" reason.  This is where plans = sleep. You'd rather stay in than face EDSA traffic just to meet up, because your body badly needs some rest. It's understandable to miss your bed, everyone does. But maybe, letting them know you're exhausted to the bone is the better thing to do.


3. Fake Expression. No, don't be sarcastic, and don't say it's funny when you don't find it that way. Say what you mean.


4. OTW. On the way... to the bathroom? Everyone is guilty of this. Don't you think it's time to change this? Whether you're on the road or you're still at home, say so. Don't give false hopes and unrealistic arrival time.


5. Change of Topic. If you don't want to get involved in a certain convo, it's okay to not reply instead. You have that choice.


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