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Look Up, Step Out: High Up and Happy with Skydiving

Look Up, Step Out: High Up and Happy with Skydiving

First, it was Kim Chiu, then came Cristine Reyes. Then, it was Anne Curtis. And unlike the song, you don’t have to pretend that airplanes in the night sky are like shooting stars because well, you just need them to be airplanes. Period. You know, just so you can jump off of it, if that wasn’t clear yet. If, however, you think you’re not as prepared yet as when Kim, Anne, or Cristine went skydiving, here are more reasons that might get you excited and convince you to finally take the leap:


1. It’s ultimately bucketlist worthy. Probably one of the most listed items under people’s bucketlists is skydiving. And why not? It’s as easy as closing your eyes, making the jump, and experiencing something surreal—all in less than a minute.


2. You believe you can fly. Well, technically, you wouldn’t be Tinkerbell with unlimited pixie dust but you’ll get something a bit close… like 10 blissful seconds of freefalling before your parachute opens.


3. You feel super. Not necessarily feel like Superwoman (although that can do as well) but mostly, feeling really good about yourself. You just braved 10,000 meters up in the sky and literally fell from it, how is that not going to make you feel super?!


4. It’s one for the books. If you’re all for collecting moments and not just money in the bank, this is certainly worth the splurge. Not only will this memory go down as possibly one the bravest things you will ever do, it’s also one for the books, worth telling your future kids someday. 


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Photographs from and Team Skydive Dubai's Youtube Channel





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