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Monday Musings: I'm Glad I Didn't Let the Fire Die Down

Monday Musings: I'm Glad I Didn't Let the Fire Die Down

"I remember being told that my dreams were useless, that drawing was like I was a drug addict. It happened to a point where I didn't want to go to school anymore because I did 'dumb things' and because I wasn't good enough at academics.

I'm glad I eventually stopped listening. I'm glad I didn't let the fire die down.

Please don't do the same to your kids. Do you want cookie-cutter kids who don't even know themselves? No, you don't. Stop forcing them to become a lawyer, or a doctor, or whatever just because you're a family of that profession or worse, because you didn't run after your passion. Your kids are not your dad/mom/you."


By Regine Sulit, a Graphic Designer, Advertising Photographer, & IKSFA-Level 1 Kettlebell Sport coach.


Do you have any points of reflection, whether random or not, that you want to share? Send them over to [email protected] along with your photo and short bio and we'll feature them under our Monday Musings series. 


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