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Monday Musings: I'm Glad I Didn't Let the Fire Die Down

Monday Musings: I'm Glad I Didn't Let the Fire Die Down

"I remember being told that my dreams were useless, that drawing was like I was a drug addict. It happened to a point where I didn't want to go to school anymore because I did 'dumb things' and because I wasn't good enough at academics.

I'm glad I eventually stopped listening. I'm glad I didn't let the fire die down.

Please don't do the same to your kids. Do you want cookie-cutter kids who don't even know themselves? No, you don't. Stop forcing them to become a lawyer, or a doctor, or whatever just because you're a family of that profession or worse, because you didn't run after your passion. Your kids are not your dad/mom/you."


By Regine Sulit, a Graphic Designer, Advertising Photographer, & IKSFA-Level 1 Kettlebell Sport coach.


Do you have any points of reflection, whether random or not, that you want to share? Send them over to along with your photo and short bio and we'll feature them under our Monday Musings series. 


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