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The Six Fix: JaDine-Inspired Ways to Showcase Honest-to-Goodness Affection

The Six Fix: JaDine-Inspired Ways to Showcase Honest-to-Goodness Affection

You're not the type of couple that's clingyyou'd rather keep most of the sweet details of your romance private and both of you are totally fine with your chill relationship. You're so comfortable with this setup that it's like sharing a bond with your best-est friend. But, of course, when you feel like stepping up a bit, consider these things you can do to let your true feelings showmake your someone special feel, well, extra cared for. James Reid and Nadine Lustre shows you how:


1. Hangout with the clique. This shows your significant other that his circle matters to youand you try to reach out to those who have been with him/her even before the two of you met.


2. Share a hobby. Photography, rock-climbing, eating, anything goes—combined interests add to your growth as a couple. You have some other common denominators besides, of course, your love for each other. It's important that you express your support to them when it comes to the things they are passionate about.


3. Take each other's photos. Compile your memorieslike how Leah did in OTWOL (Remember her happy memories memos?). Collate them in a scrapbook and make your very own love story book. Hint: It's a nice gift for your anniversary.


4. Never underestimate the power of a simple compliment. A look through James' Instagram and there's no shortage of pictures of her ladylove, Nadine, captioned with heart-melting one-word lines. Cheesy as it may sound, there really are times when less is really more.


5. Go places together. Exploring the world gives depth to your relationship. You not only get to sink into the wonders of a place, you also get a peak into the deeper layers of your beau, like knowing the story behind his love for the beach or how they grew up learning a native language you never knew they can speak fluently.


6. Say, "I love you." Pull him/her to you, lean closer, stare into those eyes, and whisper those three words, eight letters. It's the most powerful way, really. Because, contrary to the song, sometimes love is enough. 


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