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The D Word: What Happens When You Distance Yourself from Someone Who Can’t Love You

The D Word: What Happens When You Distance Yourself from Someone Who Can’t Love You

In a recent episode of Dolce Amore, Tenten (played by Enrique Gil) once and for all spilled the beans, more of his gushing heart, actually, and confessed his love for Serena (played by Liza Soberano). What started as a heated argument between them had finally lead to The Talk—y’know, that talk where two people sit down and try to act like mature adults defining what’s bound to happen to their relationship next.

And so we saw how Tenten put his heart on the line, how Serena tried to maintain her composure despite initially feeling overwhelmed, and how they planned on moving forward from there. Then it was decided, Tenten was to keep his distance from Serena so he could learn to love another, and they could be friends again.

Tenten finally revealed his true feelings for Serena.


If you’ve ever been in the shoes of Serena, you’d know that letting the other person go to deal with unreciprocated feelings is quite a generous thing to do. If, however, you’ve ever been in Tenten’s position, you’d know about the great dilemma between still wanting to see it through and finally deciding to give up. But what really happens when you distance yourself from someone who can’t love you?

You’d second guess about the decision you just made. You’d go back and forth thinking if you made the right decision. Hang tight, the clouds will soon clear up. Believe it’s for the best.

You’d most likely have a relapse. Like in any form of addiction a person’s trying to address, there will be episodes of relapse. In this case, you might find yourself wanting to reconnect with the person again. Proceed only if you’re entirely sure you can manage, and when you do, proceed with caution for your heart.

Serena accepts Tenten decision to distance himself until they can become friends again.


You’d allow yourself healing. There are things you don’t quite get over easily, if at all. And there are no guarantees as to when the healing exactly happens. But if you’re brave enough to see it through, it will.

You’d love yourself more. No, not like Justin Bieber’s song. But really, truly loving yourself more. Because often, doing so gives you a fresh pair of eyes to see another person worth giving your heart to.


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