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Look Up, Step Out: I Love OPM Contestants Share What Makes The Philippines a Standout

Look Up, Step Out: I Love OPM Contestants Share What Makes The Philippines a Standout

Millions of people flock to the country every year for tourism and that’s just something we Filipinos have always been proud of. But in any case and perhaps personal biases aside, here I Love OPM contestants who are foreign by blood, pinoy by hearts, weigh in on why Pinas rocks.


To say Filipinos are nice is an understatement. Jonathan Wagner from France says, "I’ve been traveling, 40 countries actually in my life, and it’s one of the countries in the world where people are the nicest.” Sumner Mahaffey from America adds, “The people are literally the nicest in the world, walang iba. Anywhere you go in the world, they’ll be so generous, so kind.”


Food is simply delish. Food is just so good, Sumner had to enumerate his drool-worthy faves, “Food like pansit, adobo, munggo, and mango float… so, so good.” And yes, we believe ya Sumner.


Pinoy music is soulful and exquisite. Naisa Lasalosi from Australia thinks, “Original Pilipino Music is amazing and incredible. The lyrics are very deep and emotional which I really enjoy singing and performing.”


The ability of Filipinos to get in touch with nature. “If you’re into any sort of adventure, sports, you can do it in the Philippines. The first time I went scuba diving, I had no idea how beautiful things were underwater. If you like the sights above, take a look underwater and you’ll see even more,” Jerome McCuin from America says.


The Filipina beauty is no myth. And they’re not merely talking about physical looks here. Addy Raj from India reveals, “I like how the Filipina girls are brought up… I really respect that.” Jerome also had a confession to make saying, “Filipinas are very patient and supportive and in fact, I wouldn’t be where I am right now if not for a Filipina.”


Family always comes first for Filipinos. “It’s not always about money, not always about work,” Jerome says, “Family always comes first and that’s one thing I noticed that made me really want to stay in the Philippines.”


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