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Daily Diaries: Every Prankster’s 101 to Ethical Pranking

Daily Diaries: Every Prankster’s 101 to Ethical Pranking

We know it’s that time of the year again when pranksters from all over the world unite for a single cause—to create havoc that’s supposed to bring out boisterous fun for everyone except for, well, those they’re pulling the prank on. And as much as we want to let you have your fun, here are five rules for responsible and sensitive pranking that ain’t just for April Fools.


1. Thou shall not joke about baby bumps. Not only has this joke been overdone over the years, but it’s also highly inappropriate and insensitive. This is really no rocket science—you don’t know whom among your friends have had miscarriages or who have been trying hard to really get pregnant. So as a favor for us all, just don’t.


2. Thou shall not kill famous people who are still alive and kicking. Sadly, this happens every so often. People post articles about famous personalities dying, killing themselves off, which obviously are either click baits to drive site page views or just plain computer virus. But people don’t learn much, do they? Like seriously, just how many times does Piolo Pascual or Brad Pitt have to die for this to stop?  


3. Thou shall not claim sickness or injuries. Or do anything that leads to it. Don’t even think about going to the lengths of falsifying medical records in the hopes of getting a good laugh out of it in the end—it won’t. Also, people falling off chairs or stairs and hurting themselves in the process? Not funny.


4. Thou shall not play with someone’s heart and all its feels. Take it from the Backstreet Boys: Quit playing games with your lover’s heart. Enough of the pseudo sad, breakup texts. We mean, sure, do it if you’re completely secure about your relationship. Otherwise, do it at your own risk or probably, just don’t do it at all.


5. Thou shall not say the B word. Did we hear someone say bomb?! We will never ever reconcile why someone would even attempt to joke about this, but in any case, this is not limited to the B word. As a rule of thumb, hush yourself from saying anything that would cause unnecessary panic, say for example, beheadings or tsunamis that never even happened.


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