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Daily Diaries: Kathryn Bernardo's Guide to Staying Sane and Grounded

Daily Diaries: Kathryn Bernardo's Guide to Staying Sane and Grounded

Kathryn Bernardo was once Teen Queen, now already Queen of Hearts. But not does she only hold her ground, she also keeps her feet firmly planted on it, no matter how high her career has been soaring. Here are some of the ways she does it: 


She finds time to do other things she loves outside of showbiz. It's not a hidden fact anymore that Kathryn loves to whip something up in the kitchen. When her schedule permits, she finds time to do the "off cam" things she loves like cooking. She's even generous enough to share her recipes in her personal blog—from creamy pastillas to her favorite truffle soup. 


She surrounds herself with other lovely creatures aside from humans. Just have a quick browse at her lnstagram account and you'll know what we're saying. She likes dogs, elephants, horses, and who knows what else? Just the same, we think it's admirable. 


She lets out her creative side more often than once in a while. Keeping a personal blog to update where she can express her thoughts creatively is just plain and simple evidence of this. Oh, and did you know that she's hooked on adult coloring books, too? 


She doesn't forget about her friends. Kathryn maintains a close circle of friends and we think, amidst all the fame, there couldn't be anything better than having people who help you stay sane and grounded. 


She takes her fans with her to the top. Not quite literally, but you get what we mean. Whether it's an award or in this photo, awards—she just always makes sure to give credit to KathCakes, KathNiels, and all her supporters for "their" success. 



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