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The Six Fix: Lady Backpackers Around the World with Inspiring Guts

The Six Fix: Lady Backpackers Around the World with Inspiring Guts

There are women we love for their impeccable fashion sense and women we love for their endless vessel of talent. And there are those whom we love for their sense of adventure and ability to get out of their comfort zone.

Here are lady backpackers or female solo travelers if you will, around the globe, whose guts are nothing short of glorious:


1. This Battered Suitcase. Brenna Coleman from Canada chronicles her search for adventure and encourages her readers to find their own as well. She says, “I firmly believe there is adventure everywhere, so long as you keep your eyes (and your mind, and your heart) open.”


2. Just One Way Ticket. Sabrina from Berlin shares her quirky and adorably random take on traveling. Fun and playful, this travel blogger considers the Philippines as her favorite country.


3. Alex in WanderlandAlex from New York shares a season that changed her life forever—well, sort of. She says, “That summer, I fell head-over-flip-flops in love with the adrenaline of travel, realized there were people out there truly living this nomadic lifestyle…”


4. Twenty-Something Travel. Stephanie from Washington, a girl who can’t sit still, roams from continent to continent and writes about her adventures and philosophy. Fun fact: She met her now husband on the road who’s also a travel blogger and currently shares her stories on couple travels and how they make it work.


5. The Blonde Abroad. Kiersten from California just thinks, “You are never too old, too busy, or too blonde to pause what you’re doing and take some time to follow your dreams."


6. Jessie on a Journey. Jessie from New York just simply wants you “to see the world and live your best life, but to take your trips beyond the guidebook for immersive cultural encounters, unexpected adventures, and transformative travel experiences.”


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Photographs from the subjects' blogs (link outs in each entry)




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