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Daily Diaries: Janella Salvador's Recipe for A Happy, Well-Lived Life

Daily Diaries: Janella Salvador's Recipe for A Happy, Well-Lived Life

Quoting Marilyn Monroe, Janella Salvador’s Instagram account says, “It's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.” And that could be a perfect summation of her—she is ridiculously fun, pretty, and perky, and she is anything but boring.

As the baby-faced actress celebrates another year and turns 18, we take a look back at some of her life moments, both big and little, that you can absolutely draw inspiration from.


1. She who didn’t harbor ill feelings towards her then estranged father. Albeit her parents, theater actress Janine Desiderio and musician Juan Miguel Salvador, had a falling out in 2003, Janella went on to become a beautiful young lady free from hatred or ill feelings towards her father. 


2. She who didn’t just learn to dance in the rain but also in the snow. The cold never truly bothered her—she was still able to bring a dose of fun and dance moves in the freezing cold. 


3. She who just gets along with her loveteam partners. Regardless of who's teamed up with her, she makes sure every time is a pleasant time. What's nicer is she's even better friends with them off screen. 



4. She who remains a kid at heart. If Janella would come in full pretty, pink Piglet 'do, then everybody sure wants to be Pooh. 


5. She whose light is enough to brighten up any room. Just look at her smile, playful attitude, and fun personality. Her charm and positive aura are simply magnetic it's no wonder people are drawn to her. 


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