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The Six Fix: Easy-Peasy Ways to Bring Out Your Most Natural Beauty in Snaps

The Six Fix: Easy-Peasy Ways to Bring Out Your Most Natural Beauty in Snaps

You’ve perfectly mastered your selfie game and while that’s well and good, it’s time to level up. Drop those almost uniform photos with probably the same angles all your friends might have gotten tired of seeing but won’t say, because hey, #friendship. Now you can rock your photo feed by trying these easy-peasy techniques as these celebrities did, to bring out your most natural beauty in snaps:


1. The “Don’t Look, Fierce Feels” face. You don’t always have to look straight into the camera. Sometimes, showing a jawline as perfect as Kathryn Bernardo’s is more than enough to nail that fierce and flawless look. And did anybody mention wingtips? Yes, please! 


2. The “Don’t Look, Emote, Girl” face. Look as faraway possible and let your eyes wander. No, you don’t necessarily have to shed tears or anything like that. Case in point: Janella Salvador’s photo below. It brings out nostalgia and sometimes, nostalgia is beautiful.


3. The Facial Tease. We know you’re a strong and confident, beautiful woman. And that is also the reason why at times, it’s nice to not reveal too much all the time. This isn’t solely applicable to showing of skin but also applies to showing of your face. Pick a certain facial feature to accentuate: Is it your eyes, your lips, your cheeks? Take your cue from Nadine Lustre.


4. The “Fit, Fab, Flaunt” shot. It’s not always about the face. And showing your body, especially when you would like to highlight your being fit and feeling fab, is never, ever a bad thing. Anne Curtis’ photo shows us that if you have it, and you work for it, then flaunt it. 


5. Bringin’ Sexy Back. Show those curves with a slight show of face, set in an equally picturesque backdrop and you’ll certainly work it like Coleen Garcia did.


6. Mad Props. Bring out those chunky or sleek sunglasses, hats, beanies, chokers, and all, like Sofia Andres did. They effortlessly add fun and texture to any photo.


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