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Daily Diaries: The Workforce and The Women Who Make it A Better Place

Daily Diaries: The Workforce and The Women Who Make it A Better Place

Gone are the days when people just always say, “Behind every successful man is a woman.” Gone are those days because the women of today don’t need to be associated with successes other than their own. The women of today, witty and capable, hold their own, hold the spotlight on them, and all for good reasons.

This, however, is not a battle of the sexes neither is it an outcry for a sense of discontent. This is a celebration of how today’s women have gone far, making their presence felt in the workforce. In an article published online on HR and training site HRZone entitled “How the role of women has changed in the workplace over the decadesand are we in a better place today?,” Tricia Hind, a Business Psychologist notes, “Complex social movements have contributed to this change—the feminist movement, equal opportunities legislation, the expansion of the service sector and the knowledge economy, the ever increasing cost of living, and increased access to education.”

Hind adds that, ultimately, “This rise in numbers has resulted in women entering a much broader range of occupations, from mainly supportive, nurturing roles such as teaching and nursing to every walk of occupational and professional life. Therefore, women are now found in occupations, industries, and roles previously regarded as the sole prerogative of men.”

Now, regardless of which industry you’re in, simply take a look around and celebrate the women who make the workplace a whole lot better.  


The Motherly. No, they don’t necessarily have to have a child of their own. But by the way they conduct themselves and treat their colleagues, then they might as well have. They’re readily the nurturers of the bunch and the workplace is just so much better with their caring around.


The Creative Touch. Their eye for color and beauty balanced with their keen sense of details is just flawless—the workplace is just so much better with their flavorful twist on things.


The Sassy. They may be the more intimidating ones but rest assured that if the need arise, they take one for the team. The workplace is just so much better because their strength inspires.


The Cheerleader. When the workplace gets toxic as it usually does, they give life to everyone around with their quick wit and jolly personality. The workplace is just so much better because they bring their own sunshine and share it with others. 


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