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Monday Musings: Sometimes, I Wonder: What Happened to Humans?

Monday Musings: Sometimes, I Wonder: What Happened to Humans?

"I wonder what happened to humans that they got so afraid they could no longer tell one another that they are already so desperately lonely, they they want sex, that they want meaning and adventure in this weird life? Why are they so embarassed to tell their dreams, their flaws, and whims? What happened that they have become so shy, so lazy, so desperate, and so devoid of connection? Sometimes, I wonder if all these f*cking poems, and f*cking novels, and f*cking paintings are just here because we are afraid to tell things directly, to shout who we are and why we are. The great question is, what happened?" 


By Justin Adriel de Castro who says, "I am my very own version of a renaissance man." He is more popularly known though as The Boy Who Cried Books when his story of selling, well, books to pay for law school went viral on social media last year. 


Do you have any points of reflection, whether random or not, that you want to share? Send them over to along with your photo and short bio and we'll feature them under our Monday Musings series. 


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Photograph from Justin's Facebook page, uploaded by Sam Quinto 




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