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The D Word: First Date Jitters? Learn from Dolce Amore’s Tenten and Serena

The D Word: First Date Jitters? Learn from Dolce Amore’s Tenten and Serena

Finally going out with someone you like is enough reason to get you both giddy and anxious at the same time. Not knowing what the person would be like or what to wear to best accentuate your assets, or how exactly will the date go are just some of the worries piling up in your head right after you’ve set the date place and time. Now if you’re feeling fidgety about going through your first date and potentially putting your heart on the line, take courage from Tenten and Serena of Dolce Amore as they show you how it’s done:


Making a good impression is everything. When Tenten came to get Serena from the hotel, he arrived in a dapper suit and a smoking hot car. We’re not saying you or the guy you’re meeting should do, too, but going out of your way to make a good impression on someone will almost always pay off. As a woman, why not bring your best energy right off the moment you greet him “hello.” He will not only feel your genuine interest but also your openness to know him better.

 Tenten makes quite an entrance when he showed up looking sharp in a suit and hot wheels.


Fill the evening with surprises. And pleasant ones, at that. Seamlessly connected to making a good impression, it also takes a good amount of effort to keep a few tricks on your sleeves. Whether it’s a mini warm up game or some trivia about your common love for literature (in Tenten and Serena’s case, it was the Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri), you can further spice up the night by queuing a few good surprises. Fireworks, anyone?

It was indeed a pleasant surprise when Tenten led Serena to view the fireworks. 


Skip the mind games and bare it all. It’s the 21st century already, guys. While playing mind games still appeal to some, it’s high time people skip the mind game party and for once, just really, truly be honest about what you feel. Tenten’s rather effortless love declaration for Serena was like a breath of fresh air we don’t usually see on a daily basis. It was natural, light, and simple. No one had to overthink it, and saying their date closed on a lovely note can still be an understatement. 

 When the feeling is mutual. 


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Photographs screencapped from the ABS-CBN Entertainment Official Youtube channel





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