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Hot Stuff: Batman vs. Superman Wins Against Haters and Critics!

Hot Stuff: Batman vs. Superman Wins Against Haters and Critics!

If you have yet to watch Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice, you better catch it in cinemas and not mind the polarizing reviews associated with the DC film. Those who did not like the movie criticized the overdramatization of both Batman and Superman; film critic Philbert Dy said in his tweet:



Others do not like how Batman vs. Superman is dark and gloomy, contrary to the movies made by Marvel Studios. ABS-CBN reporter Jeff Canoy, a self-confessed comic book geek, even remarked that the saving grace of the movie is its portrayal of Wonder Woman, played by Gal Gadot:


Ben Affleck, who played Batman, had this to say when asked about the bad reviews he has been hearing about Batman vs. Superman, including his portrayal of the iconic character as dark and cynical:


Albeit with comments ranging from really bad (“a crime against comic book fans”) to good (Affleck’s role as Batman being better than most big-screen iterations of the caped crusader), all is still well as Affleck gets the last laugh: Batman vs. Superman earned $424 Million on its opening weekend, beating both Avengers installments on their opening weekends. Yes, a DC movie that was tagged as “not fun” and “very dark” did better sales-wise than its rivals from Marvel Studios.

That high opening weekend for Batman vs. Superman should be enough to convince you to not mind the critics and simply just enjoy this pre-Justice League movie instead. Still not convinced? Well, we heard James Reid caught it over the weekend, too.


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Banner photograph from Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice Official Facebook Page.




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