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Daily Diaries: Feed Your Faith Every Single Day

Daily Diaries: Feed Your Faith Every Single Day

Have a little faith, they say. But why have little when you can arm yourself with more? Faith is believing in things beyond physical or enough proof; it’s believing that, in the end, ultimately things will all fall into place despite the doubts and the murky situation of uncertainties.

Sometimes, keeping the faith you already have, proves to be a little challenging especially when the days are hard and your faith is constantly tested. Here are a few ways how you can feed your faith every single day:


Read up. Whether it’s the Bible, a devotional book, or positive Pinterest quotes, just don’t forget to read up on your inspirational fix. Words of affirmation do wonders beyond your imagination if you let them.


Soothe your soul through melodies. Whether you’re a lyrics person or more into the beats and rhythms, find, or even create, a go-to music playlist for when you feel like you’re losing your faith. Because hey, if words do wonders, music on the other hand, heals.


Surround yourself with positive people. Days shall inevitably come when your faith is going to be tested. When that happens, you’ll need people who’d pull you up than get you down; people who’d have their own stories of faith to help you keep yours.


Pray. Do not underestimate the power of prayer. When your faith becomes shaky, all you have to do is bend your knees, fold your hands, humble yourself, and pray.


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