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Daily Diaries: When Sarah G. Hits The Streets of Manila

Daily Diaries: When Sarah G. Hits The Streets of Manila

Since Sarah Geronimo was caught on photo by netizens getting a driver’s license at the Land Transportation Office (LTO) in Tayuman, we’ve wondered about how it would be like for her to be a newbie driver. Ultimately, we’ve listed these factors she can expect when she finally hits the road:


Confusing road signs, stoplights even. Regardless if you pass your written and practical driving exams with flying colors, driving here in the Philippines can be a bit too challenging—and saying that even feels like an understatement. Memorize all the line breaks on the roads, white marks, yellow marks, and what they stand for all you want, that’s well and good. But as a newbie driver, expect that the confusion will come at you even when you think you’re just following the signs.



Road rage and bullies. You may be the sweetest, nicest person but none of that isn’t going to matter much on the road. There will always be bullies—on the road or not—and you just have to deal with as much patience and positivity as you can.


Flat tires, overheating machines, and other technical things going haywire beyond your control. Even with consistent maintenance, chances are, sometimes the universe isn’t going to work in your favor and you’ll be left on the sidewalk with a flat tire or an overheating machine or who knows, even both. It can happen, so it helps if you know how to change a flat tire or at least have someone on call for those emergencies.


The traffic worthy of the term carmageddon. You always see this in the news. You certainly experience this but with a personal driver working for you or as a cab passenger. But there’s no way to really experience this kind of “only in the Philippines” kind of traffic than when you’re the one driving, holding your pee for hours and couldn’t leave your car in what could most possibly look like a massive parking lot.


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