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Daily Diaries: What Did You Give Up for Lent?

Daily Diaries: What Did You Give Up for Lent?

More than a new year’s resolution, the things you usually give up for Lent tend to mean a little more. You might be praying for something or you might be in a more reflective mood for the Lenten season and that abstinence from certain things for a period of time just clearly helps. So what are you giving up for lent?

We’ve surveyed our readers and here are five things that top the list:


1. Red meat. Having started as an obligatory abstinence for the Catholics eons ago, people are still conservative in their meat intake during Lent.


2. Sweets. Chocolates? Cakes? Gelato? It’s certainly a sweet torture for a good cause—pun certainly intended.


3. Bad behavior. Some people actually use this time to check themselves—whether it’s holding off on the swear words or holding off on saying something that’s not so nice about other people. Now, if only this can last longer.


4. Liquor. For people who love their alcohol and the buzz that go with it, abstaining from liquor is quite a sacrifice, but something that’s worth making to commemorate Him who has certainly sacrificed more.


5. Smoking. Abstaining or fasting does not only apply to food. It’s avoiding vices or anything that’s pleasurable to the body, like smoking, or sex even.



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