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Life Peg: Sara Black, Breathing Love and Light Everywhere She Goes

Life Peg: Sara Black, Breathing Love and Light Everywhere She Goes

Don’t be fooled—while she can straight up pass for an A-list model, which she actually was during her younger years, Sara Black is now more hands-on working behind the lens as a commercial beauty and fashion photographer having photographed high profile Filipino celebrities like Kim Chiu, Bea Alonzo, Anne Curtis, John Lloyd Cruz, and Gerald Anderson among many, many others.

Several years into the industry, she shares to us what she really learned as well as the things she’s currently and still constantly learning in and about life.


Something new, everyday

Quite noticeably two things we see on our life pegs’ daily routine are meditation and working out. Sara is no different: “I wake up early to meditate and exercise before my work day starts. When I have to work some days, I'm at the studio, others on location, or at meetings.”

She has recognized though the importance of work-life balance and thus, uses her free days off work for personal “me” time. For her, this means training for an upcoming race, taking classes to learn new things, and spending time with her loved ones. She shares, “Projects that I do in line with my commercial photography takes up most of my time, but in the last couple years, I've really tried to strike more work-life balance. I work on myself as much as I work on work, *laughs* I've never felt better as a more holistic and integrated human being.”

In terms of having too much on your plate, time management is key. Yes, that and “Learning to say no to things that are less important. And just always bearing in mind what is for my best interest in the long run,” she adds.

 Not letting the crazy gets in her way, Sara shoots with a smile.


Pushing back with gratitude

From the kind of bad days we all get, the one we probably never want to ever deal with is cancer or a cancer scare for that matter. Sara reveals, “I had a cancer scare a couple of years back and that really shook me to the core. It made me re-orient my life and really refocused me into a state of gratitude. There is so much to be thankful for in this life! And I am going to savor every bit of it as long as I am breathing.”

Being most fulfilled when she is loving toward herself and others, she shares that the most remarkable life lesson she’s learned to date is that everything in existence is one, that the "I" is an illusion. She adds, “That the ego is the cause of many of humanities problems. I'm still learning about this one.”

Sara, a firm believer in being "here and now."


Be present, be love

Living a life with the aim to inspire and bring light—Sara has “inspirare” (a Latin permutation of inspire) tattooed on her hand, an integral part of her which means to breathe life—she shares five things you may find helpful in bringing harmony to your own journey:


"Be present. Right here, right now, in this moment. Dwelling too long in the past or projecting too much into the future produces a lot of unnecessary anxiety. While we are trapped in the past or dreaming of the future we are blind to all the beauty the present has (pun intended). It is a gift!"


"Be the Energy. Life will always throw you a curveball but I really believe it's all a matter of perspective. You can choose to be in a negative state or you can choose to be in a positive state. On a daily basis, if you choose to be positive you will see this growing and growing inside of you until before you know it you are overflowing with positivity. It’s a commitment to joy, which is actually your birthright. You were born awesome, amazing, and beautiful!"


"Keep growing. There is so much to learn in life that one life time is not enough! Savor every new challenge and delight in the hardship because that is where you are expanding. Through the expansion you are honouring the gift God gave you: He gave you the seed, now water it, nurture it, and help it grow into the best human being you can!"


"Be love. Be loving toward yourself first. Help yourself develop self-awareness, self-acceptance, and self-responsibility. When you are brimming with these you can't help but overflow that love onto others. Come from a space of abundance instead of lack."


"Be one. When you've stumbled on the undeniable truth that everything on this earth is part of Divine creation it really helps you live more compassionately, which is the highest form of love. Easier said than done and most definitely a continuous work in progress."


Breathing love and light wherever she goes, Sara notes, “everybody has their own journey in life and that is part of the beauty of it… discovering your wholeness in your own terms, in your own time.”


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