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The Roundup: Holy Week Activities for The City Dwellers

The Roundup: Holy Week Activities for The City Dwellers

Don't have any out-of-town plans this Holy Week? Fret not, as we give you things you can do right in the comfort of your own home so you can make the break truly meaningful:


1. Abstain from social media.

Not scrolling through your feed, be it on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, even just for a few days will help clear your mind. Real life is way much better than digital life, anyway.


2. Clean your house.

With a few days off from work, you have enough time to give your home a revamp. Clear out the clutter in your room, discard things you no longer need, and in the process, maybe find items you have long been looking for. A clean room helps in clearing our minds, too [related: Home Smart: Going Kondo: How I Decluttered the Marie Kondo Way].


3. Take a break from vices.

Be it alcohol, cigarettes, or gambling, it's time to free yourself from that vice of yours this Holy Week. We know it's hard but this season just might bring you the extra strength you need.


4. Write in your journal.

While your first instinct will probably be to evaluate what else you need to do to get to where you want to be, we highly suggest to reflect on the right things that are going in your life. Pen a gratitude list, and, while you're at it, why not think of ways on how you can share your blessings?


5. Make art.

The break is the perfect time to be creative or do something new. Itching to do calligraphy using brush pens? Stumbled upon an art idea over Pinterest, and you want to try it yourself? Now is the time to be a little artsy [related: Easy Does it: Make Those White Walls Your Art Canvas]!


6. Catch up on sleep.

Without work keeping you occupied and clubs tempting you (they're all closed!), choose to hibernate in your bedroom and recharge yourself for the coming week. Resting is important in order for us to be productive and efficient at work, and if you noticed, we won't be getting a lot of holidays this year so better make the most out of these few days at hand.


7. Bond with your family.

Maximize the break by praying together, catching up on what's going on in each other's lives, and sharing meals, among others.


8. Indulge in seafood.

Enjoy the wonderful world of seafood: Meat isn't the only delish treat in this world, you know [related: Dining Delight: 5 Restos To Troop To If Urban and Organic Dishes Are Your Thing].


9. Bond with your pets.

Play games, go for a walk around the neighborhood, and give them a nice bath and belly rub afterwards. After all, pets are proven to help improve your overall health and being. [related: Cultured!: Let's Talk About Pet Parties].


10. Visit churches around Metro Manila.

Doing Visita Iglesia is one of the best ways to spend Holy Week, so do your best to squeeze one into your schedule. [related: Sights to Behold: Magnificent Churches Right in the Heart of the Metro]


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Banner illustration and images by Jana Jimenez




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