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The Six Fix: Here’s Why Fourth Impact is Truly Sisterhood Goals

The Six Fix: Here’s Why Fourth Impact is Truly Sisterhood Goals

We learned about girl group Fourth Impact when they started setting the stage on fire on the reality talent show X Factor UK. Since then, Cercado sisters Celina, Irene, Almira, and Mylene have got us swooning not just over their unbelievable singing talent, but also over the charming and close relationship they share as sisters. And here’s why you’d want to be the newest addition to their sassy sisterhood:


1. Because them girls can sing. You’ve most likely caught a show episode of them harmonizing and belting it out to the tunes of Rihanna, Ariana Grande, and Sia. And yes, we did say harmonizing because their harmony—vocal or otherwise—is just perfect.

 Cercado sisters rockin' it in an all white ensemble. 


2. Because they can also rap, and dance their hearts out. And seriously, what else can’t they do? This simply speaks volumes about how these sisters are oozing with natural talent. They not only have the voice, they also havemoves that can pump up a whole crowd.

 Flower power for the Fourth Impact sisters.


3. Because they’re also a team. Apart from being sisters by blood, one can easily grasp how they also perform as a team; something that goes deeper than their synchronized steps and hair-whipping moves.

 These girls know how to belt it out regardless if it's a song of Ariana or Rihanna.


4. Because they’re extra affectionate with each other. Do you sometimes wonder if your own sibling even loves you? Well if you’re sisters with these girls, you wouldn’t have to worry about it anymore. You’d feel it with every word of affirmation, with every hug whether on screen or not.

Fourth Impact girls getting down with it.


5. Because they have dreams and they make it happen. These girls are firm believers that dreams do come true. They said, “"We've been singing for ten years and today proved one thing, dreams really do come true so for all the young people out there, don't stop believing!"

 Fierce yet humble, the sisters go after their dreams.


6. Because they possess gratitude. What better way to live life than to surround yourself with grateful people, not to mention if you’re going to be sisters with them? While they didn’t win the reality talent search, they still thought it was their “best and most amazing journey.” 

 Girls just wanna have fun. 


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