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The Six Fix: Celeb-Approved Ways to Wear the Season's Freshest Hues

The Six Fix: Celeb-Approved Ways to Wear the Season's Freshest Hues

No-fail fashion color choices, black and white, will forever be a go-to color combo—however, in the ever-evolving fashion world, colors make it go round(er). Although it's tricky sometimes to choose which will suit with your skin color, body type, and even lifestyle, the right hue can take your style from simple to bold, dressed-down to tres chic. So, what are you going to wear today?


1. Blue. This is the coolest color, the easiest on the eyes, and the favorite color of many. Blue is the 'safe' choice next to neutral tones, what with all the denim choices out there. It also works on all skin-types, so better stock up!

Tip: With the cropped top trend looking like it's here to stay, get several pieces in different shades of blue and pair with loose bottoms for a comfy-casual feel.


2. Orange. This energizing color is fun and vibrant, perfect for the summery days at the beach. It suits fair-skinned women mostly, but morenas can also try it out!  Just get it in a lighter shade; too vivid might make you look darker.

Tip: The minimal, "no makeup" makeup look is perfect when wearing orangeit brings out your natural glow!


3. Pink. Barbie's power color is pinkand it's most women's, too. Pink lends a feminine, ladylike aura to its wearer. It exudes subtle sophistication yet is youthful; no wonder its a go-to color as well.

Tip: Go light-on-light or get serious on color blocking—pink works well any, and every, way. Wavy hair powers up the look. 


4. Red. On rare occasions when you're feeling empowered, or on days when you want to fake that femme fatale vibe, red is the best choice. This color spells fire, passion, and strengththe very essense of modern females.

Tip: Play with prints and textures, to make it more fun and lessen the intensity of an otherwise serious tint.


5. Yellow. Happiness and positivity is yellow's last nameso fend off pessimism with this hue! Also, it makes you look like a spontaneous, ready-for-anything, go-with-the-flow go-getter babe. All smiles for the day, yes?

Tip: When dressing up in yellow, incorporate the latest trends in your outfit. Since it's a lively shade, it'll be fresh, fun, and youthful.


6. Green. Look like a gem in green. It's the color of spring and renewal; the color of life. It's a tricky hue, though, so be careful in mixing and matching!

Tip: Keep your ensemble simple and in coordinating schemes for a flattering look.


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