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Life Peg: Solenn Heussaff, Helping Women Everywhere Embrace Their Beauty and See Their Worth

Life Peg: Solenn Heussaff, Helping Women Everywhere Embrace Their Beauty and See Their Worth

If you were as gorgeous as Solenn Heussaff, would you parade your looks as if you’re above everybody else? Would you rest on your laurels and let your pretty face do all the work? Would you feel entitled to the best life has to offer just because of your exquisite beauty?

Don’t, because the real Solenn Heussaff doesn’t.

While she’s perfection personified, both in looks and in talent, Solenn is as real and down-to-earth as they come. It’s such a joy to follow her on Instagram because she isn’t afraid to show her human side—making all of us feel less inadequate in the process. And instead of focusing on her good looks, she shows everyone that she isn’t afraid to get down and dirty whether with oils and paints when she’s working on her art (she’s got an exhibit this April!)...


with sweat and whatnot when she's working out...


or with bits and pieces of food when she’s wielding her kitchen prowess (have you checked out the hashtag #SolennCooking?).


Solenn also inspires with her honest-to-goodness take on beauty: “Keep it simple—enhance your natural beauty and don’t overdo it,” she enthuses, when asked about the one thing she wants Filipinas to always keep in mind when it comes to looking good. While she’s a makeup pro herself, the bride-to-be is also championing helping women embrace their natural beauty, advocating light makeup for everyday wear—you will only see her in layers of makeup during shoots or formal events. And come to think of it, we all had a newfound appreciation for freckles and moles because of this half-French, half-Filipina beauty who would proudly show off hers to the world.

We got to chat some more with Solenn on all things beauty (plus her upcoming wedding!) at her launch as the first Filipina ambassador of L'Oréal Makeup Designer/Paris:


What tips do you swear by when it comes to makeup? “1. If you have nice skin, you don’t need to cover up. If you want to even out your skintone, buy a nice liquid foundation with a sheer finish but good coverage to unify your skintone—because if you have moles you don’t want to cover that, it’s really beautiful. 2. Know how to choose your right foundation shade: Test it on your jawline, buy the one that matches your skin more or one shade darker never go a shade lighter. 3. Before you go to sleep, remove your makeup.”


What’s always in your makeup kit? “Lip balm because my lips get chappy often, a small mirror, alcohol to sanitize my hands, tissue, lip color in the shade I’m wearing for the day, and mascara.”


What’s your take on plastic surgery? “I don’t believe in surgery but I believe that if it makes someone feel more confident and if you’re not changing too much of what you look like, then that’s your life.”


Would you ever undergo such a procedure? “I don’t think I’d change my face ever even if I have imperfections because I don’t want to be unrecognizable. [Plastic surgery] changes your entire face but if it makes you happy, no one should judge you.”


What’s your makeup M.O.? “I’m experimental but everyday I like to keep it simple—just mascara and a natural shade on my lips. I don’t go crazy over colored eyeshadows but for a shoot I’ll do it. You definitely won’t see me walking around with green eyeshadow.”


What’s your beauty peg for your wedding day? “It keeps changing: I said to Robbie [Piñera] and John [Valle] I’ll see on the day of, if I feel like having my hair down or up or having light or smoky eyes. I don’t know, it keeps changing so I said sa araw na lang na yun.”


So the next time you ever feel lost or lacking in the beauty department, do a Solenn Heussaff: Put your natural beauty front and center but complement it with the happiness and fullfillment that comes from living out your dreams and passions.


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