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The Six Fix: Tired of Partying? Do These Instead

The Six Fix: Tired of Partying? Do These Instead

Have you ever found yourself wanting to skip Friday night to escape multiple party invites from your weekend wild child friends? We hear you. Spending the whole night dancing away is fun, but there are certainly moments when you’d rather say no. And when you do, here are some alternatives that are as equally (if not more) enjoyable than grooving and shaking to the DJ’s mix:


1. Have a date night with the ‘rents. Take this time to treat your parents and spend quality time with them, too. Hang out at a café and talk for hours with coffee to keep you all up, or go on a classic dinner-movie date with them. This is the best thirdwheeling you’ll have in your life, trust us.


2. Indulge in your favorite TV series with your siblings. The new season of Game of Thrones is coming, and all you sibs are huge fans of the show. Five ep reruns per weekend night, why not?


3. Lock yourself in your room and play Spotify’s Hugot playlist. You’re totally fine but somehow listening to these songs gives that feeling of comfort, so don't be ashamed to indulge in these feels all night long.


4. Relive the old times and write in your journal. Whether the week has been great or not (or something in between), jot down your thoughts and recall the events, feelings, and whatnots on paper. Reflect on the week that happened, pour out all those ideas, and read it afterward.


5. Sing your heart out in videoke! For a change, bring the barkada tp a karaoke hub and belt out your favorite songs! It’s a new level of bonding; this is the time when you won’t mind being judged for your singing that’s more like croakingbecause that’s what friends are for. It’s crazy, crazy cool!


6. Sleep. Giving your body, mind, and soul ample rest is the best thing to do instead of partying the night away. No regrets, yes?


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