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The Six Fix: There's No Such Thing As 'Too Late'

The Six Fix: There's No Such Thing As 'Too Late'

You’re never too young or too old for anything; as long as you have enough nerve, you can do it! Here are the things that will never ever be late to do in a lifetime. And it’s always better to do it than not at all; you can say that at least you’ve tried, right?


1. Conquer a fear. You're mommy's girl no more, but a full-grown lady with capabilities you yourself can take full control of. They say it's all in the mind, so face one of your fears (heights, for example) and think of it instead as a challenge. Take a deep breath, whisper to yourself repeatedly that you can conquer it, and actually do it. There's no better feeling than overcoming something you're scared of.


2. Drive a car. So what if you’re turning 28 next month? Doesn’t mean you weren’t able to pass that driver licensure exam in your teens, you won’t give it another shot. The secret lies on one word: Practice. Drag a trusted person to teach you (dad, brother, or bestfriend) and concentrate fully every session. So the next time you have a barkada roadtrip, let’s see who’ll go volunteering to get behind the wheel!


3. Pursue your passion. You’ve decided to get a more practical desk job instead of following your heart’s desire. And with your 8-to-5 daily schedule, you actually have time to do other things instead of being stuck with your boring workload. You love writing? Create a blog! You’re a music enthusiast? Gather like-minded friends and form a band! You’ll soon feel that your time is well-spent; as long as you put your energy in the right causes.


4. Be more sociable. Stop sulking and start talking. Be more open to conversation and don’t veer away from people. Nowadays, people skills are a must. Don’t raise that introvert sign; just take that step out of your comfort zone.


5. Improve your style. Sure, you’re past that experimental stage. You’ve gotten over that mistake from your adolescence when you wore leggings under a skirt. Eek. We understand, but with all the new choices out there, it’s the best time to experiment with fashion! Little changes go a long way: Why not begin with layering your cute accessories for a pop of color to your neutral outfit?


6. Find love. NBSB? Still nursing a two-year-old heartbreak? Or fresh out of a relationship? No big deal! Although we’ve heard a lot of times that we shouldn’t go out looking for The One because he’ll eventually arrive when you least expect it, the clock is ticking and yes, you’re not getting any younger. And besides, love is a risk worth taking.


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Illustration by Jana Maureen Jimenez




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