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The Six Fix: Fun To-Dos That Will Surely Bring out the Atta Girl in You

The Six Fix: Fun To-Dos That Will Surely Bring out the Atta Girl in You

Don’t just feel good about yourself. Feel super, channel your girl power. Here are fun to-dos you can try to further bring out the atta girl in you anytime of the day:


Learn to do your own eyebrows. You would be surprised to know how many ladies are only starting to catch on the kilay knowledge. So if you’re one of the girls who’ve settled long enough with shabby eyebrows, it’s time to bring out the tweezers, brown pencils, and watch that long-bookmarked tutorial [related: Beauty Spotlight: Are You Handling Your Kilay With Care?].


Know how to change a flat tire. Don’t reason that you don’t own a car or you have someone else to do this dirty work for you. If you’re a lady driver or a constant passenger to a friend who’s a lady driver, then there’s no better surprise than volunteering as tribute for when their car breaks down. Flat tire? No worries, you got it.


Do basic carpentry. Just how liberating would it be to know how to use a hammer and be the ultimate builder—be it your personal book shelf, bedside table, or DIY shoe rack [related: Want to Have 'Character' in Your Room? Decorate It with Handmade Pieces]?


Whip up something in the kitchen. If we’re being completely honest with ourselves, there’s no denying that despite the social stereotypes, plenty of women still don’t know how to cook an egg to save their life. If you’re all for being an independent woman of the world, then might as well start in the kitchen [related: The Six Fix: Effective Ways to Unleash Your Inner Chef].


Get over your body issues. When insecurities hound at you hard, make sure you fight back harder. Try boudoir photography and this might help you feel more confident in your own skin [related: In Focus: See How The Boudoir Dolls Empower Women through Photography].


Go on a solo trip. It doesn’t matter where. Just book that flight and face your fears—be it being alone or talking to strangers, it’s always refreshing and liberating to rise above your doubts. You can do it, and you will be proud when you do. [related: Solo Backpacking: Is it for you?]



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