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Daily Diaries: Get On With the Emoji Revolution

Daily Diaries: Get On With the Emoji Revolution

If a picture paints a thousand words then so does an emoji. And if there’s one thing millennials love today, it’s the combined power and convenience of technology, yes? That’s of course, on top of being able to express themselves. For people a little less keen on using words, the presence of emojis today might be the next best thing to a single alphabet letter. Now you can end a conversation a bit more creatively like with a virtual high five than a usually misinterpreted “K.”

If you’re someone who likes your words strung together and still has reservations, here are more reasons that might convince you to consider getting onboard the emoji revolution:


Emojis are cute and fun. Just look at your smartphone’s keyboard and hover a bit. You’ll see a variety of smileys, sad faces, chubby cheeks, tongues out, even shoes and lippie among dozens of others. So in all seriousness, who doesn’t want cute and fun?


Emojis “get” us. Ever had those days when you know you can keep a straight face for the whole day? You haven’t exactly woken up on the wrong side of the bed, but you aren’t having the best day ever. You don’t know what to feel and you’re just not in the mood for any interaction. But somehow you have to communicate and that’s when emojis get us. It’s okay, you can depend on them to get you by.


Emojis bring out your creative side. From choosing which certain emojis to use to express a statement, they inevitably help bring out anyone’s creative, not to mention, imaginative side.


Emojis spread their magic to food. “Emojis are a great way to really express yourself and send a sweet message without saying a word,” says Marketing Manager for Krispy Kreme Philippines Ariane Martinez-Valinton, whom we got to chat with at the launch of the brand's "Emoji Magic" campaign last February 20. Kawaii donuts will surely brighten up even the gloomiest of your days.


Emojis are a relatively new invention that may seem so simple and perhaps at times, shallow. But given the right intentions, creativity, and inspiration, you can effortlessly and successfully get your sweet message across.


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