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Cultured!: Let's Talk About Pet Parties

Cultured!: Let's Talk About Pet Parties

Move over spa and movie parties: There’s a new kind of party in town, and your favorite pets will be absolutely thrilled if you throw one for them. At these pet parties, dogs and cats are treated like VIPs and feature highlights such as a fashion show, a grooming station, a pet buffet, a daycare station, and a pet photobooth.

A daycare station where dogs can chill around.

“It’s a great way for pets to know each other, to play around. Having a pet party is definitely unique,” Dogs in the City owner Heidi Chua says. While pet parties are relatively new in the Philippines (they originated in the US), Chua has already organized a few high profile ones, which include StarStudio Magazine’s surprise party for Janella Salvador, who is a pet lover herself.

Pet party perks: Your furry loved ones get to meet new friends!


“It’s also a great way for pet parents to talk about their pets, and share anecdotes on raising them,” Dogs in the City PR manager Terry Dy adds. 

Dogs are dressed for the occasion, of course.

Chua and Dy has these tips for those who want to throw their own pet party: 

1. Have adequate space. Since you'll be hosting an event for several pets, an adequate space is crucial because it gives them a larger area to roam around in. “They should have enough space for the pets to play around,” Chua said.

2. Provide for basic needs for the pets. Aside from pet food and water, it is also important to have cleaning equipment like dustpans and brooms in case one’s pet makes a mess at the venue.

3. Have sufficient lighting. Aside from making it easier to find your pets when they roam around, good lighting is important for all the activities to be conducted properly. “We can’t have the grooming station in a dark area; we would like to avoid accidents,” Dy explained.


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