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Daily Diaries: Commuting Essentials to Reduce the Hassle of Your MRT Travel

Daily Diaries: Commuting Essentials to Reduce the Hassle of Your MRT Travel

With the kind of public transportation we have in the country right now, how can you have a safer and more convenient travel? Check out these things that might just save your life, and will definitely save your sanity: 


1. Shoulder bag. Backpacks are convenient when carrying a lot of things but shoulder bags are easier to open upon MRT (and mall) inspection and easier to clasp and protect because they’re already entangled in your shoulder and arm. Always hold them tightly.


2. Scarf. This is not just stylish but also multi-purpose: It can be an instant hanky, an instant shade against the sun and rain, and even an instant handle—just tie it on the MRT railing to have a more convenient and hygienic grip.


3. Long umbrella. Yes, a folded umbrella is very handy but a long one can be helpful when climbing the stairs and can also serve as a self-defense weapon. And did you know, according to sociological studies, “bad guys” actually think twice about attacking someone holding a stick or something that can be used against them like umbrellas?


4. Hat. It protects your face from the blazing heat of the sun, shields your hair from too much pollution, widens your space in a crowded place, and for not-so-tall people, makes your presence felt in a crowd.


Illustration (banner) by Jana Jimenez




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