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Life Peg: Trisha Velarmino, Experiencing Life to the Fullest One Place, One Culture at a Time

Life Peg: Trisha Velarmino, Experiencing Life to the Fullest One Place, One Culture at a Time

Doing something outside of your comfort zone is not just uneasy but also downright scary. Going to places you’ve never been before, sometimes even with friends and more so when you do it by yourself, can send you to an emotional rollercoaster.

Trisha Velarmino, born and raised in Subic Bay, Philippines, does it so often. But in her own words, “I am not traveling. I just choose to be somewhere else, all the time.”


Constantly on the move

Trisha works as a full-time blogger and as a social media manager for a number of companies. Being able to work remotely certainly works to her advantage as she’s almost always on the road. She shares, “I have a lot on my plate at the moment but I am not always on the computer. Being a full-time blogger requires a lot of hard work but I always see to it that the computer will not eat me alive. Whichever city I am in, I find time to do other things like walk, eat, yoga, read—activities that help me become a better writer.”

Now you may wonder how it really is moving from one place to another. You may see all the postcard-perfect photos but what does really happen behind them? If anything, constant traveling has helped Trisha realized who her true friends really are. “Mind you, there are only a few,” she says, “It's not so difficult to get in touch with family/friends because I already know who to get in touch and share my personal life with. My life is so public (because of the blog) but I don't write about everything even if it appears that I do… however, it's not so easy to move from city to city all the time. I get tired of traveling, too. Once you get a hold of this lifestyle, you'll get by, I promise you. It's not easy but I always tell myself that nobody chose this life for me so if I want to maintain living this way, I have to do my best to keep it.”

Trisha in Machu Picchu, Andes Mountains, Peru.


Roadblock surpassed

Apart from the physical challenges and perhaps the inconvenient logistics that come with traveling, there are also the emotional roadblocks that would hit you where you don’t see it coming. A failed relationship had once become that emotional roadblock for Trisha. She reveals, “The most difficult was when I traveled with my ex-boyfriend and our relationship did not work out. I found myself alone in a continent (Africa) where I don't know anyone and I don't speak the language. It was a very challenging time for me because I was new to long-term traveling. I taught myself everything and in the end, I got out of it alive. Now, I am traveling the world on my own living the life I imagined and I no longer incorporate myself to my past relationship.”

To this day, Trisha has all these things to learn from the journey she has chosen. “Life is never easy. And it will never be easy. So don’t waste it. Do what you want. Be a child for a day. Be a person full of love. Live like every day is the first day of your life. Choose your battles. Accept defeat. Be humble if you win. Enjoy silence. Shut up if you don't have anything nice to say. Learn to forgive. Have a little faith. Even just a little. And I promise you, we will all come out alive.”

 Trisha in Angkor Wat, Siem Reap, Cambodia.


Overcoming your own

As one of our chosen life pegs, Trisha shares five things you can apply when you wish to overcome your own personal roadblocks:

Accept and love your genuine self. Do not make a version of yourself only because other people want to see you that way.

Whatever you want to do in life, the only approval you need is from yourselfnot from your parents, friends, and colleagues.

Make beautiful mistakes, now and foreverand then learn from it.

"If you do what you love, you'll never have to work a day in your life." - Confucius

Always be grateful.


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Photographs courtesy of Trisha Velarmino. For more of her stories, visit her blog here.






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