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Hey You! Inspiring Beta Woman

Hey You!  Inspiring Beta Woman

You always barely get noticed.

In every group activity, meeting, and social function, you were always there, just there. Quietly sitting and waiting for that once in a blue moon occasion where your opinion would count. You’re known as the staunch supporter of the leader who rarely raise disagreements and has no problem taking orders. People mostly run to you, when they seek your ‘I second the motion' agreement, motherly advice and help. 

You are always barely chosen.

Gracious, gentle, and caringyour mere existence defines a refined lady. Yet, they never preferred you to take the lead. When your kindness is mostly mistaken for weakness and your calmness considered as lack of conviction, all you do is smile and give a shrug. 

You are barely taken seriously.

People usually raise their eyebrows on your old-fashioned virtues. Plus, they see you as somewhat naïve, emotional, and too pa-girl. So despite your great ideas, you’re still not the go-to person when it comes to serious convos. Still, you accept those who treat you like this with open arms. 

You were never an Alpha wannabe, and that’s 100% fine.

Leading the pack and having a career-driven life are definitely not your thing . You may not have the voice of an Alpha, but it's your big heart that matters. You're the girl who sets the balance, the light in anyone's darkest hours.

Embrace your femininity, Beta woman. It's your gentleness and your decision not to take the spotlight that make you extra special.


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