Hey You! Not-So-Techie Millenial

Hey You! Not-So-Techie Millenial

"You’re a manang."

You are not a member of the 'it' list in your school or office. You don’t get excited by alcoholic drinks, loud music, and late night parties. You don’t wear sassy clothes and jump at every opportunity for an OOTD.

"You’re not in."

You don’t have the latest iPhone, Android phone, or laptop. You’re not up-to-date when it comes to the latest music, trending topics, and videos. You’re not familiar with the most popular bands and loveteams of today.

And that's totally okay.

You can last a day without looking at your phone, weeks without checking your Facebook, Instagram, and other social media accounts, months without updating your status or changing profile picture.

That's perfectly fine.

You prefer notebooks and stationeries instead of Wordpad and Notepad. You choose hardbound books over e-books because reading them and smelling them give you an unexplainable mental bliss.

That's an intellectual preference.

You prefer doing things slowy but surely, not in a snap or a click. You want to do what you love with love. Your passion is what keeps you going, and not the demands of the world.

That's purposeful.

See? You are not outdated. You just have a life to live other than the one on the Internet and social media.

It’s always your choice. You need not to get lost in the whirlpool of the system. You need be conform to the world.



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Illustration by Jana Jimenez




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