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Hot Stuff: The Les Miserable Cast Gives Four Reasons That Will Convince You to Not Miss Les Mis

Hot Stuff: The Les Miserable Cast Gives Four Reasons That Will Convince You to Not Miss Les Mis

Most of us are familiar with the movie version of Les Miserables, but a few are familiar with the play, which has four versions since its first production in 1980. Nearly 36 years later, Les Miserables remains to be not just the second longest-running play in the world, but a play that people from all walks of life will enjoy and learn from. Here are what the cast members of the Manila leg of Les Miserables have to say about their production:

1. It teaches us about hope. Simon Gleeson, who plays protagonist Jean Valjean, explains that no matter how difficult life can get for us, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. “There are tough times, there are weaknesses in all of us,” Gleeson notes. He also explains that even though Valjean has committed several crimes, which includes stealing the bishop’s candles, his hope to be better pushed him to strived to rise above.


2. It teaches us to make a stand. In addition, Gleeson added that through Valjean’s character, one can learn how they can make a stand and do what is right, no matter how difficult the journey may be. For Earl Carpenter, who plays the anti-hero Javert, Javert is someone who has a significant moral code. “He’s [Javert] is doing what he believes in,” Carpenter explains.


3. It teaches us how to live through the hard times. Rachelle Ann Go, who plays Fantine, explains that her character is quite similar to her career and life story. “Sa past ko, andami kong heartbreaks, andami kong pinagdaanan, that’s why I can relate to her,” Rachelle Ann shares. She elaborates further that Fantine epitomizes the Filipino woman that undergo struggles in life, which includes being an OFW, away from their loved ones.


4. It teaches us to believe in ourselves. Chris Durling, who plays Enjorlas, notes that it is important for one to believe in one's self. “I don’t mind ruffling a few feathers to speak out,” Durling explains, citing that Enjorlas’ character teaches one to believe in himself, that he can do the impossible and create change. “They have to die trying because they believe in what they are doing,” Durling explains on the importance of Enjorlas’ character to the play.


Check out a preview of Les Miserables (we've got three sequences for you!):


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