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The Six Fix: Girl Power Definitions That Are So On Point

The Six Fix: Girl Power Definitions That Are So On Point

1. Girl power is learning to love yourself, first and foremost. Gone are the days when you need someone to show you your worth or someone to complete you. In true girl power fashion, you are already whole and don’t need anybody to complete you in any sense. You love yourself and you are, in no way, going to sabotage your own happiness. 


2. Girl power is fierce independence. Are you someone who’s able to hold her own? Embodying a sense of girl power starts when you don’t merely rely on people to get what you want or to get you by. You want that designer bag? You want that Caribbean cruise? You don’t wait around for men to give it to you: You work for it and give it to yourself.


3. Girl power is not about making a minion out of other girls. Since like we said, girl power is synonymous to being fiercely independent, you don’t need to be making a legion of yourself or even a minion out of other girls. Don’t be a Regina George or a Blair Waldor—girl power isn’t certainly about who can or who can’t sit with you. You’re better than that.


4. Girl power is more depth and less trivial stuff. We get it, for the heck of it, you sometimes talk about the most random, mindless stuff. And while that’s okay from time to time, make sure you and your girls aren’t caught up in trivial things. No, you don’t need to come up with a solution for world peace, although if you do then the world will certainly thank you for it. Just talk sense, you know you got it.


5. Girl power is genuinely empowering other girls. Once you’re well and good have mastered the ropes of being a strong, independent woman, put it to good use by making a sincere effort to inspire and empower the girls around you. When you're not set on your ways, you allow all the other girls' uniqueness to shine in their entirety. You certainly don’t need much to do it, just bring your positivity wherever you go. Be your own sunshine, and the rest shall follow.


6. Girl power is choosing to be the best version of yourself every day. Yes, it’s making that conscious choice, even when it’s hard, and especially when it’s hard. Striving to be the best version of yourself every day despite life’s blind spots and curveballs—yes, if that’s not girl power then we don’t know what else is.


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