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Hey You! Confused Victim of A Pa-Fall Guy

Hey You! Confused Victim of A Pa-Fall Guy

You’ve been warned, but you never listened.

Everything he does screams kilig overloadhis magnetic smile, sweet talks, and effortlessly charming moves. Falling deeply in love was so easy that you allowed yourself to get drowned. The thing is, making you fall is part of his plan, reciprocating the feeling isn’t. 

You’ve been hurt; still, you keep on giving him chances.

Those unanswered messages, hot and cold treatment, and forgotten datesthese are all warning signs. Yet, you keep on justifying his actions even if it means belittling your worth. 

You've been investing too much effort without getting anything in return.

How far will you go for someone like him? You deserve more than his empty words, broken promises, and meaningless actions. Love is meant to be shared and cultivated by two people, hence, stop doing all the work. 

Letting go hurts. So does holding on to something unsure. Don't settle for less because you deserve so much more. 


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