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Daily Diaries: How Do You Express Yourself?

Daily Diaries: How Do You Express Yourself?

Women, by nature, just can’t help but express themselves. How do they, particularly (but not solely), millenial women, do it exactly? Let us count the ways:


1. All Sorts of Creative Documentation. Years ago, this would have meant keeping a diary, the one that comes with a lock and a key or a number combination. Years ago, this would have meant pages and ink with thoughts scribbled on them, kept away from people. But the times, oh how they've changed. Women are no longer shy one bit about speaking their mind, about expressing themselves. Now they put up a blog, curate their own photo feed, and join different networking sites to share their two cents on the stuff that matters to them.


2. Accessorizing it. Accessories are always great additions to any fashion outfit. The millennial women have become fiercer and bolder in terms of trying trends that suit their taste, or if not, even experimenting on ways they can stand out fashion-wise. Years ago, they may have had reservations about wearing neon or chunky pieces. Now give ‘em gems, chokers—and yes, in lace and velvet, too!


3. Personal Touch on their Physical Space. May it be in choosing bedsheets, a night lamp, or wall photo frame for their bedroom or the kind of fresh flowers they put on their office desk, women are getting more and more creative and open about what they like and don’t like. Women’s personal touch are always remarkable wherever they make their presence felt.


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