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The Six Fix: Smart Tips that Will Make Commuting Way Easier for the Pinay on the Go

The Six Fix: Smart Tips that Will Make Commuting Way Easier for the Pinay on the Go

We know commuting is hard enough. But how do women go about it on a daily basis? Here are smart tips for every lady commuter out there.


1. Watch what you wear. We’re not going to sound like your parents now, we think you’re old enough to figure what you can or cannot wear, right? But if you’re using a public transport, like say perhaps a jeepney, you might want to spend an extra minute or two thinking about if you really want to wear that micro-mini skirt. Fashion, self-expression, that’s cool. A plunging neckline that screams for attention on the bus? Totally not.


2. Get ready for the transport battle. You certainly can use your inner amazona most especially on a rush hour because well, bloodbath—not literally. But expect for your mind and body to be put to test with all the chasing, pushing, perhaps at times, even shouting.


3. Hold on to your things. Yes, like you would for your dear life when riding a rollercoaster. As much as we hope this isn’t the case, women are still viewed as the lesser sex making them as easy targets for theft and robbery. You can let your eyes wander for a bit and check out that cutie sitting across you. But it will probably do you better to keep an eye on your belongings instead.


4. Expect the worst. No, we don’t just mean having to endure that man with odorous smell standing so close in front of you, although that’s bad enough as it is. We mean, expecting the worst, as in when someone tries to grab your butt or snatch your bag. When you recognize these things can happen, then you can prepare more, say, by having a pepper spray or a Taser in your bag.


5. Mind your manners, still. Let’s admit it, being women, we sometimes feel entitled to so many things. You think you deserve to be let in or seated first. And while that can sometimes be true, you still wouldn’t want to be the arrogant woman without manners, do you? In common courtesy, there’s really no such thing as gender.


6. Manage your expectations. Chivalry is not dead, but it isn’t necessarily practiced by all men. Once you understand this, you would spend less time feeling bad about this guy who didn’t give up his seat for you or that guy who didn’t let you get on the train first. If we’re demanding for gender equality, then might as well think that men equally need that seat as women do.


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