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Dining Delight: Fancy Some Viennoiserie?

Dining Delight: Fancy Some Viennoiserie?

Imagine flaky, tasty, delicious bread in your hands, tearing it leisurely piece by piece before sending them to be savored by your mouth. Now, how would you love it if your favorite bread is created fresh everyday, Viennoiserie-style?

Vieno what? The term sounds fancy, but we've actually been enjoying it for a long time now, what with Viennoiserie being the most popular category of French pastry. It's basically pastries made from either yeast-leavened dough or from puff pastry, and are made more special by various sweet and savoury fillings. So yes, it's croissants and turnovers.

We found a Viennoiserie haven right in the heart of Quezon City (yay fr all your Northeners, and quite a good reason to make the trek to the other part of Manila for you south people): Newly-opened bread and pastry shop, Bakers Maison, which allows you to take that French dining experience straight to your home with their selection of Viennoiserie (croissants and turnovers made irresistable with slightly crackly crusts and filled with luscious sweet or savoury fillings), artisan breads (sourdough and Foccacia, among others), and their delightfully moist, chewy, and chunky cookies.

Here are some must-trys:


1. Cappucino Pistachio Croissant



2. Cranberry and Cream Cheese Bun


3. Dulce Butterscotch Bread


4. Pineapple Marmalade Danish


5. Banana Chocolate Braid


Making the Bakers Maison experience more exciting is their interactive mobile application, complete with a list of their products, latest promos and rewards, a feedback section, and an augmented reality feature that makes use of trackers to create a digital overlay on top of the real world. Who knew breads and pastries could be as digital as everything else?


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Bakers Maison is located at 2nd floor of SM North EDSA, Quezon City. Visit their site at or through their Facebook and Instagram pages.




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