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Life Peg: Chesca Garcia-Kramer, Fab Mommy of Three and Timeless Beauty

Life Peg: Chesca Garcia-Kramer, Fab Mommy of Three and Timeless Beauty

Porcelain-skinned, doll-like, and effortlessly gorgeous beauty Chesca Garcia-Kramer is one of those women who can get away with the hashtag #iwokeuplikethis—but did you know that she isn’t actually a believer?

“For me, you don’t wake up and look that great already. You have to take time and give importance to being beautiful—I realized after having three kids that self-care is important,” the lovely Mrs. Kramer shared when we caught up with her at her launch as the first Filipina ambassador of L’Oreal Paris Excellence.

While Chesca can relate to the struggle of many busy women who don’t have a lot of time to spare, she makes it a point to find time to get dolled up: “It’s not a sacrifice, you owe it to yourself to look great! And when you’re meeting other people and you look good, it shows them they’re important to you because made an effort.” One scroll through her Instagram feed will prove this, as photos of her doting on her cute kids and taking care of her husband (she’s a super hands on mom and wife!) are posted side by side images of her all glammed up—and her looks are most of the time care of her kikay hands.

“I put on my own makeup and do my own hair. I’m very particular with my hair and I even post hairstyles of mine on Instagram,” said Chesca. Her three favorites?


“Blowdried hair but with body—I think every woman likes that…


Curls but more like big waves, and…


Braiding my hair!”


One other thing she has a penchant for is coloring her hair—at home, on her own. “I just colored my hair twice in the last month,” she proudly shared. Here are some tips from Chesca in finding the right hair color for you and making it last:


Go for darker, instead of bright colors if you want to cover up white or grey hair. She also likes going for darker colors when her hair is short.


If you’re in the mood to experiment, go all out with lighter shades. She personally prefers colors like intense copper brown, golden copper brown, and when she’s in the mood for red hair, she goes for an intense violet brown.


Pick a product that doesn’t only care about giving you beautifully-colored hair, but also in making your locks soft and healthy in the long run.


And if you dare to go edgier, try Chesca’s braid innovation: The rockstar mama braids. “It looks like an undercut. It’s a whole braid until the back, the tail end you hide it and you pin it and then you curl the top part you curl—it looks like you have a mohawk,” she shared. To make it look more natural, she messes and loosens up the hair on her crown and leaves some tendrils down.

Hairstyling, braiding in particular, has also become a bonding activity for her and her daughters Kendra and Scarlett, while at home hair coloring, a catch up activity with her mom, titas, and friends, even more proof that you can be beautiful while staying true to the priorities you’ve set. “I’ll give my self one hour to get ready—one hour to shower and prepare my clothes and another hour to fix my hair and make-up, but that’s timed. Finished or not finished, I have to get out of my dressing room and then my day happens. My number one priority is my family so I’m not pressured with the other things outside it. I make sure that I’m able to fulfill my role to my family better than any other role that I have. The most important role for me is a mom and a wife.”


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