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The Six Fix: Our Favorite Teleserye Power Women and What We Can All Learn from Them

The Six Fix: Our Favorite Teleserye Power Women and What We Can All Learn from Them

Women in this generation's teleseryes do not just play the role of the male protagonist’s love interest anymore: They're strong, capable, and can hold their own against anything and everything, be it their man's querida or the CEO of the empire who's planning to take over their company. We can easily relate to their ups and downs, and they inspire us to carry on no matter how tough the going gets. With their words, they have crossed over from television to make their mark in our hearts and minds and these memorable lines prove just that:


“War? You want war? I’ll give you war… sabihin mo lang kung saan at kailan, I’ll be there with my red stilettos.” – Victoria Valera (Gretchen Barretto) in a confrontation scene with Vera Cruz (Angel Aquino) in Magkaribal. She is the true epitome of a woman who's always ready for any confrontation anytime and faces it head on with much poise and style.


“Love is a liability. It makes you do the most stupid things.” – Victoria Valera says to her adoptive father. Even if she believes in that power of love because of what she has gone through in life, in the end, she still chooses to love.


"Gusto ko pa sana magtanga-tangahan. Gusto ko pa sana magbulag-bulagan. Pero naaawa na ako sa sarili ko.– Monica Santiago-del Villa (Angel Locsin) in The Legal Wife. A woman who values her family so much, she was willing to disregard her husband’s cheating. Until it came to a point when she had enough, that is—so she chose to speak up and fight for her rights as a wife and as a woman.



“How dare you din po na apihin ang nanay ko. – Rubi (Angelica Panganiban) in a confrontation with Sylvanna (Cherie Gil). This femme fatale really went the extra mile to avenge anyone one who dared mess up with her mother, a true picture of a loving daughter.


Wag kang mag-alala Mama, kutis singkamas ako, hindi balat-sibuyas.” – Rubi says to her mother-in-law as the latter criticizes her outfit. Her strong personality was also reflected in the way she dressed. She never got affected by what other people would say about her; instead she would strive to present herself confidently no matter the bashing she got.


Matitikman niyo ang batas ng isang api!” – Amor (Jodi Sta. Maria) screams in anger upon seeing a newspaper headline announcing Eduardo and Claudia’s wedding in Pangako Sa’Yo. This iconic moment pushed her to work extremely hard to become the powerful woman everyone would look up to.



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Banner screencaptured from ABS-CBN Entertainment's Youtube Channel. Photographs from, (Victoria and Amor), (Rubi), and (Monica)




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