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Always Handy: Cop These Cute Gimmicks from Isabel Oli Prats' Too Cute Baby Shower

Always Handy: Cop These Cute Gimmicks from Isabel Oli Prats' Too Cute Baby Shower

One of the most exciting and challenging parts of being a couple is raising your own kids. What is a family without those little angels crying, clinging, and playing around the house? Showbiz couple Isabel and John Prats are definitely looking forward to that wonderful part of being together, and are extremely excited for the coming of their first baby, Lilly Feather.

“After ng wedding namin, we both wanted to build a family. Matagal ko ng hinintay `to. I’m ready na talaga. We both are,” John shares with great anticipation. Isabel says she really wants to be the coolest mom and will definitely be hands-on when it comes to raising baby Feather.

But before all the labor pains comes the fun part: Shopping for the little one's things and the baby showers! Isabel's friends at Aprica threw her a surprise baby shower that's just too cute and classy, you'll want to make it your peg for your own.


For soon-to-be mommies who want to throw a baby shower, you don’t need a coordinator or an events planner. You can actually do it on your own, with the help of your husband, your friends, or the whole fam... well, that is if they aren't cooking up a surprise shower for you yet! But, of course, showers are showers because someone else organize them for you, but if you're the hands-on type, here are some ideas from Isabel's too cute baby shower to help welcome your little angel the chicest way possible:


1. Keep it close. Inviting fewer guests, immediate relatives, and closest friends will not just save you money but will also make each moment of the event more intimate. Isabel's baby shower was filled with love from their family and best friends. Tip:  To keep it closer, you may opt for two or more baby showers if you have various groups (e.g., one for family and best friends, other one for workmates) to avoid being anyone from getting O.P. or out of place and then tweak the program to fit your guests.

2. Make it fun. Instead of, or in addition to, the customs during baby shower, why not include unique and fun-filled games in the program? These will not just snuff out the boredom but also strengthen your bonding with the guests and keep the fun going like how Isabel and John's closest friends enjoyed playing a baby bottle drinking game. Tip: Engage your guests in games that involve each other's childhood memories and trivia, e.g., a "Who's that baby" photo-guessing game for more 'laughtrip' and 'Aha!' moments.

 John and Isabel's friends drinking milk from a baby bottle

3. Make it memorable. How? Souvenirs! What are baby showers without them? Let your guests bring home something reusable, not just something to display like vases and figurines or to fill their stomach like the usual cupcakes and sweets. Tip: Put up a DIY souvenir corner with cute stuff like onesie clothes, bibs, cups, cards, etc. and stir up your guests' creativity by letting them make their own souvenirs to bring home.

Isabel and John gave their guests printed pillows and jarcakes which they can use again and again and make them remember the day they celebrated the coming of a little angel.

 Isabel and John Prats' baby shower souvenir


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