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The Six Fix: The Women in Your Life You Should Always Be Grateful For

The Six Fix: The Women in Your Life You Should Always Be Grateful For

1. Mom. We cannot live without our moms. No matter how many fights or misunderstandings you have, she'll always just be there. Her love for her child is exceptional, all-giving, selfless and real. She may not be perfect, and she may not be able to give you everything you want, but by all the means she knows, she'll do what she can to provide for you. And admit it, no matter how annoyed you get at her, you still come running home to mom at the slightest signs of pain.


2. Ate. She is your constant companion, albeit borderline chaperone. With her, you know someone's always got your back. She listens to you as you rant all night in your bedroom, or looks over you when mom isn't around. She can be protective at times, but remember that she only wants what's best for you, too.


3. Lola. If not for her, your mom won't exist, and so won't you. Thank her for all the stories and advice she gives you, and your siblings and your parents, because she knows. Aside from her tales, your lola is probably the one sneaking to give you what your mom would not allow you to have. Those Mars bars in your ref? Yep, lolas love to spoil their grandchildren, so be thankful.


4. Bestfriend. You finish each other's sentences and have gone through so much kalokahans and kaartehans together. She tells you off when you're doing something wrong, and she's the only person who tolarates your weirdness. You have friendship bracelets and a promise to be friends until the end of time. Lucky you!


5. Yaya. This superwoman does everything on top of taking care of the family: Cooking, doing the laundry, ironing your clothes, keeping the house clean, and on and on and on. She's been there since the day you were born, that she's become part of the family. You know that even if you're not blood-related, she cares so much. So do her a favor today.


6. Partner. You have the prettiest woman you'll ever lay your eyes on. And she's dedicated to loving you wholeheartedly. She's there to cheer you up, make you happy, wipe away the tears, and work things out. She's your inspiration, and you're happy you've come across such a wondeful woman in your lifetime. So don't let her go, and give thanks to her for accepting you and journeying the world with you.


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Illustration by Jana Maureen Jimenez




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